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Margaux is a VanCity girl. She is a recent Blanche MacDonald Centre fashion merchandising graduate who loves to stroll around BC, eat good food in restaurants and take pictures of anything under the sun. She is just an ordinary girl with an awesome life; an ordinary girl who works hard to achieve her goals.

She is an aspiring writer (one of her ultimate life goals is to write and publish a book), very business minded and a naturally creative individual.

Margaux started this blog to finally gather and share what she wants to say and express what she feels. When she writes, she is free, she could be anyone she wants to be, and most of all, she could inspire.
This is a life in progress. She strives to enjoy it and write about it.

 In this site you will see posts about fashion, travel, food, tips, and other literary blog posts cause Margaux just loves to write!


Product and Services Review

As a blogger, I am happy to do products and services review. With my reviews, I aim to provide honest and unbiased comments that will help improve the product whether it is still a prototype, in trial stage, in initial production stage and even for products that are already available in the market; from clothes, accessories, food, services and gadgets. Yes, you read it right! I am a tech geek as well, and would be very happy to do a review on tech that a blogger like me could use.

Fashion Writing

Writing and fashion has always been the two things I love the most, so why not combine the two? Do you want me to write runway reviews and/or lookbook descriptions for your brand? I’d be happy to assist and create content. I have a diploma in Fashion Marketing with extensive knowledge in fashion elements.

Giving Back & Social Responsibility

I am a strong believer in giving, sharing and spreading goodness like a ripple. I may be only one person, but I know I will have an impact if I believe that could create the ripple effect and be an inspiration to the people around me. One of the causes I believe in is child sponsorship. I have been a sponsor for World Vision for almost two years and I am looking to sponsor another child soon. I also support charitable activities such as clothing donations and feeding programs. If ever your company needs volunteers and influencers for such events, send me an email, and I will be happy to join as long as my work schedule permits.

Other opportunities and projects? Email me and let us talk about it.