Polaroid Memories

The situation and the future of the world right now is uncertain.  Year 2020 has brought unpleasant surprises that, at this moment, still keeps on giving. Unsure of what will happen next, I try to cherish the past and be thankful. I am glad I have kept collecting memories with my instant camera. “Live the moment,” so they say; but hey, there’s nothing wrong in capturing a snippet of it and keep a tangible reminder of the good times. This blog post, will show some of my top picks and tell a little about their story. 

Friends Through The Years

Even though these photos only show four years, those four, are consistent and so are my friends. I am gonna be honest, I am not the best person to be friends with, not that I am a bad person, I am just used to being alone. I grew up very independent and that’s why I only have a handful of friends. I am not the type to initiate and not even the type to remember birthdays, which I know to some is a sign of “true friendship”. I am thankful for the acceptance and for the companionship. Like I said, I am used to being alone, but my friends let me forget that sometimes. They pull me in and make me realize that I don’t have to be alone all the time. 

Inside Joke

I have one very bad photo which I still decided to keep because of it’s silly memory. If you look at it, you’ll see the LACMA lights. Yep there they are, but hey I am somewhere in there too! Me and Glenn (my bf) are both in that photo, or, should have been SEEN in the photo. We asked someone to take our photo, a few minutes later, I realized that the setting was just not good and that we were too far away from the flash range. So… lesson learned.

Reminder Of Second Families

A reminder of a family you once had, be it work, school or whatever. A reminder of teamwork and dedication. A memory of strong bonds made. We may not be colleagues or classmates anymore, but I am and always will be grateful for meeting you.

A Proud Daughter 

That’s me! Mom,we managed THE challenge thrown at us early this year. You are tough and yet you are the most understanding and caring person I know. I think I have written these words before, but here you go again, “Every time I count my blessings, I count you first.” So, I won’t be tired of spoiling you every time I have a chance and making you feel that I love you Ma.

Celebrating Milestones

Moving forward and celebrating milestones beside the people we cherish makes them more special. And some of those special moments, I captured, like one of my friends getting engaged and me getting my Canadian citizenship.  Once in a lifetime moments that deserve to be remembered as you move on to the next roadmarks of life.

Other Half

And of course, the person who’s in most of my instant photos – my boyfriend. More than four years of being together, we’ve definitely had so many unforgettable experiences; from our first international trip together and our most recent adventures. I remember our first Valentines Day – you picked me up from work and we had a nice dinner and a nice walk after. I also remember Christmas 2017, I made those ugly Christmas sweaters we were wearing, our Disneyland trip in California and in Tokyo, our road trip to see Lake Louise in Alberta for my birthday, biking in Myra Canyon where you were shouting “I love Margaux!” as you pedal, and lots of hiking together. 

I want to thank you for giving me a Fujifilm camera that started capturing precious moments like these. I know, there’s gonna be more, so stay tuned!

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