Fashion School Diary: Conquering The Fear

I am currently halfway done my intensive program in fashion design. So far, it has been better than I expected. I feel confident and happy of the skills I have gained and the projects I have worked so hard to finish. I can’t believe how I have improved. I keep asking myself why I waited this long to pursue the program I have always wanted to do. I actually know the answer to the latter statement. I was afraid.


Before starting the program I’ve always had self doubt. I doubted my sewing skills, my talent in drawing and have always wondered if I’ll ever be good enough to even be in a fashion design program. I guess, I was intimidated by the fact that there will be others like me who are also creative and talented; others that will be better than me. I’m competitive you know. I don’t dive into something, unless I’m sure that I will do great. My mentality is like this because I don’t want to disappoint anybody, especially myself.

I took a fashion merchandising program to try to divert my passion. In my head, at least it’s still related to fashion. Don’t get me wrong I learned a lot. I just didn’t like the fact that, I took fashion merchandising instead of fashion design because I was afraid.


Fast forward to now, I feel great being a fashion design student. I decided that it was time to finally conquer the fear of not being talented enough, and to just try my hardest to succeed. If I had not taken this chance, I would still be wondering what it would be like studying for what I want to make into a career.

So for whoever needs this, I say to you now, if there is something you have been wanting to do, DO IT. Sooner or later, your mind will keep bugging you to do it anyway. And once you do it, you’ll just ask yourself what took you so long. Conquer your own fears and do it. It’s just you who’s holding you back.


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