Seattle In One Day

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Whenever I need a short break and just want to get away from Vancouver or just Canada in general, going to Seattle seems like a good idea. It feels like a vacation but not really as expensive and as time consuming. Don’t get me wrong, I love my city, but I do love to travel; and exploring a place outside my country gives me a different feeling. I guess it goes both ways for people who live in Seattle and visit Vancouver for the weekend.

This post is long overdue, but here it is. Better late than never. 😂 I went for a day trip in Seattle to celebrate my sister’s (sister not by blood but by heart) birthday. We wanted to go to a new place and ‘travel’. It was her first trip to US so it was pretty exciting for both of us. We are both really busy with work and we’re not able to book off any short vacation time. Going to Seattle just needed a day, so we went during our regular day off.


We traveled by bus and arrived early in Seattle, which I would recommend if you plan on doing a day trip. Arriving early and exploring the Pike Place Public Market just in time when the stores open is the best! For breakfast, we just chose which ever we felt like eating and there were a lot to choose from. I had hot chocolate from the very first Starbucks just across the public market and a fancy corn dog with bacon (I don’t know what it was actually called). After, we just walked around inside the market. I still cannot get over the gorgeous flower stands they have there and the Pike Place Fish Market. The fishmongers do this tradition of fish throwing which is quite a show. It is one of the things one should witness whenever they visit Pike Place.

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Another famous tourist attraction by the market is the Gum Wall. And my friend being so prepared, had me chew a gum and stick it on the wall too.

IMG_9258 copy
Gum wall

We spent the rest of the day walking and exploring downtown Seattle. We did a little bit of shopping and of course for souvenir, I got my caricature done. It is kind of a tradition for me that whenever I go to a new place (and if it is available), I get myself drawn with a theme related to the trip.

IMG_9325 copy
For me, the best souvenir is a caricature of me.

Whenever I look at them, the memory flashes back and I can’t help but smile. I strongly suggest getting this type of souvenir rather than the basic fridge magnets or keychains, although I have nothing against those (they’re cute too).

Photos are taken with a Canon T3i with 40mm lens.

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