Cypress Mountain Snowboarding


Cypress Mountain is a go to when it comes to winter activities. I started snowboarding last year and did not have enough. It is very addicting! Last year, I only knew the basics  and this year I promised myself to learn more. Hence, bought myself a snowboard and invested on the other things to such as reliable jacket, helmet and more.

During my last visit, I improved way more; I was not afraid of the speed anymore and can get off the lift without falling down. And it’s because of both patience and courage. Learning how to snowboard is no joke. My body aches the next day because of the effort I have put in. But then again, ‘no pain, no gain.”

See u soon Cypress Mountain! I’m coming back for more!

P.S. Buying a Gold Medal Card is worth it, as well as purchasing tickets in advance online.

Photos shot on iPhoneX

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