Welcome To The BLOG Memoir

I have always wanted to start my own blog and write about the topics that relate to how I live my life. I tried to start a blog late 2015 but have failed to accomplish every blog’s main goal, which is to  become a consistent blog that people could read, enjoy and leave inspired to take on journeys of their own.

I haven’t been blogging in a long while but that does not mean that I haven’t had any adventures during my ‘non-blogging’ period. I have travelled a lot and have a lot of stories to tell. I am often having writer’s block as soon as I try to write something and it is an enemy that I am currently trying to defeat. I have a lot of unfinished ideas that just stay as drafts. It was sad for me because I really want to share stories. Maybe, I was not able to blog as often as I could before because I did not know what the main purpose of my blog is to me yet. Yes, I want other people to enjoy and read my blog, however, what is it for me? And just recently, I have found it. I have found the answer…

Every year I have been living life fully and have been very grateful for all the memorable experiences. However, like many other people, I have a bad short-term memory. I often forget details of what had happened a week ago and even a day ago. It just suddenly hit me when I was on my Canada 150 trip, staring out of my hostel window thinking… I did not do anything yesterday, I wasn’t very productive. Then I thought about it harder and started to write down the things I did, using receipts and pictures as guide. I realized that I was very productive ‘yesterday’ and remembered how much fun I had. It would be really awful to not remember an awesome day, and just think that you’ve always been having a regular day even though there were a lot of highlights that were just forgotten. That’s how I knew what my website is to me.

I want it to be a memoir.

A blog full of stories and experiences that would help me remember how awesome I am living my life. To re-live the moments, to feel the thrill of the adventures I have done, cultures I have experienced, and to just look back and appreciate what I have accomplished.

Welcome to my website The Blog Memoir! 

If I will describe what my blog will be like, well, it is the memoir of an ordinary person going on adventures, exploring new places, and a person who just likes to appreciate even the simple things in life. Readers can expect travel stories, tips, a lot of photodiaries, and most of all, there’s my hope of being able to inspire other people to write, travel, and smile.

Here’s a sneak peek of a few travels that I’ve been including a wild ride on sand dunes, wearing a traditional headdress, going on an edge coaster with another solo traveler that I met, getting a caricature done, and going on a cross-country train journey.

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